Will Brits Make The 2040 Zero Emission Deadline?

Big Ben London Electric Cars

Whether you want to believe it, there is an automotive revolution simmering on the horizon. A revolution that will change the way we travel forever. How quickly this change will happen is up to you – the consumer, but it’s inevitable! So, my big question is – will it be possible for Brits to convert to using electric cars by the year 2040? Or is this too ambitious? If so, keep hold of your petrol cars, because they might still be useful in the future!

Let’s start off with some positive news – check out the comparison below for New Plug-in Electric Car Registrations and Charging Connectors in the UK between 2011 and 2018:

How strong is that looking? New registrations of electric cars have increased by an astonishing 1,430% in less than 7 years… remarkable! The only problem is, how does that percentage compare to the total number of vehicles registered in the UK as a whole? Including the dirty diesels and perilous petrols!

Unfortunately, it’s not looking good.

Have a look at the following pie chart showing data from 2018 and you will agree that the war is far from over…

You saw that correctly, that tiny little slice represents the total number of All-Electric Cars that were registered in 2018. A sad 0.53% to be exact.

(The amount of Ultra Low Emission Vehicle Registrations was higher at 63,000 in 2018, however not all of these count as Zero-Emission Vehicles)

So how on Earth are we going to achieve this 2040 deadline and boost our figures to 100%?

Just in case you wanted to verify my data, I’ve placed some links below:




We can agree that the UK have a long way to go to reach their 2040 goal, let alone the proposed 2032 target (apparently the Earth will be a giant barbeque by 2040). Afterall, there are a lot of British folk to convince and you know how stubborn we can be.

However, there are glimmers of hope.

The UK government has recently taken some solid steps to promote the use of Zero-Emission Vehicles, which is rather impressive with Brexit on their hands! The Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) are providing over £900 million to the cause and are offering some nifty grants to people who want to buy a new electric vehicle and/or a charge point in their home! Click on the link below to find out more:


Electric cars are becoming more mainstream with many automobile manufacturers releasing an affordable zero-emission vehicle in 2019. You can now buy a Renault Zoe for circa £17,720 after applying the government grants, which isn’t half bad! There are even some cool companies emerging from the woodwork too – such as Sono Motors, who are bringing their debut car to the market next year, the Sion. This beauty can harness the power of the sun to charge itself. Who wouldn’t look hot driving that?


Views are changing. Many complain that the technology is still too expensive, however an AA poll (see the link below) shows us that younger people, between the age of 25 and 34, are not as bothered about the long-term costs of owning and running an electric vehicle. Maybe because they’re already used to having student debt!


This is a good thing though, as attitudes of the younger generations are what really matter in the success of this technology. Let’s be frank, by 2040 many current middle-agers could be retired and taxied around in their children’s electric cars anyway!

Combine these points with other factors such as the Paris Agreement and protests from Extinction Rebellion, then it could be fair to say the UK is at a pivotal point in its automotive sector. Watch this space for updates!