Electric car charging at a charge point.

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Electric cars are on their way into the world, there’s no denying the fact. In the next decade and certainly by the year 2032, there will be a Battery Electric Vehicle (fancy term for an electric car) parked on every street in western Europe. A Battery Electric Vehicle is essentially what it says on the tin – it’s a vehicle that runs entirely on a battery. Not petrol, not diesel but 100% on electricity from a battery, much like your smartphone or laptop device.

Of course, this is an amazing feat for humans and a huge benefit to the environment but all new technology comes with its own problems. For example, how often have you been caught short and realised you forgot to charge your smartphone the night before? Well, it would be an awkward telephone call to your boss in the morning when you tell them you forgot to charge your electric car and you’re going to be late to work! Especially since domestic charge times can take anywhere up to 15 hours depending on the make of electric car and style of charge point.

Hence, education on the operation and maintenance of electric cars is important. We should appreciate that small changes in lifestyle and attitude may be necessary to make this technological revolution a success.

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